Sunday, January 30, 2011

On My Needles

  I like to have two projects going.  A small portable one for instant gratification, then a big one for that just-finished-a-marathon sense of accomplishment when its done.  In an ideal world one of these would be a simple uncomplicated project for social/distracted knitting, but right now that's not the case.

Small Project: Pointelle (aka the Unexpected Birthday Socks) from Knit Sock Love by Cookie A.
  These are the socks intended for my SIL.  I'm halfway through the foot on the right sock.  The chart is not quite as intimidating once you start working it, and they are a lot of fun to knit.

Large Project: Hallett's Ledge Cardigan from the Fall 2010 Issue of Twist Collective. 

   The body of the sweater was finished yesterday and I started the sleeves today.  The pattern calls for working them on DPNs, but I've decided to work them flat and two at a time for simplicity's sake.  (Working two at a time in the round leads to me getting hopelessly tangled in both yarn and circular needles...)

  In a serendipity moment, I discovered that Elinor Brown, who designed Hallett's Ledge, is a medical student in my fair city!  I work at a major teaching hospital in said fair city!  I have vowed once finished to wear this sweater to work whenever possible -- even in August.  Dear readers, this is an act of bravery that rises above merely flirting with the dress code.  There is a good reason nurse's uniforms are cheap and easy to clean.  (A member of my knitting group mentioned I could just contact her on Ravelry, but that would not be nearly as fun as stumbling upon a designer while wearing her work).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gifting Knits

I was abandoned by a sock today. Right on my needles, just cast on it left me for another.

A quick aside. I am very much in love with Cookie A's new book Knit Sock Love, it is fabulous. In all its fabulousness the first project cast on from this book were her "Pointelle" socks. A leafy lace pattern interrupted by a sideways lace rib -- its gorgeous. It didn't matter that I already had a complicated wip on my needles, they begged to be cast on.

Cast on I did, and the betrayal began. One inch of twisted rib later they were too tight. "you know who's legs are slimmer?" it asked "Your sister in law's".
"Shush" I replied "I have only two pairs of hand knit socks and I adore them. You belong to me". To this end the cuff was ripped out and re-knit on slightly larger needles.

This is how most knitted gifts a born. I will start something intending it for me, and just a few rows in I know its perfect for someone else. Those orange socks? How could I think they were mine? Obviously they go to Tanya! The green lace scarf looks so much better on
my sister.

Unfortunately the converse is also true. When I actually set out to make a garment for someone else, a siren song will call on me to keep it for myself. Its hard to resist -- my first pair
anemoi mittens were originally for the aforementioned SIL -- and I felt so bad about keeping them a duplicate pair in green were frantically churned out days before Christmas.

The larger cuff was done. "See" I told the knit "you really are mine, look how well you fit".
When lace began, and the knit replied "her birthday is in May, imagine her opening the box, wearing them around their apartment". Beautiful, delicate sky blue leaves emerged from the needles...and said "we belong to another". They're right darn it. At least they'll be going to a good home.