Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Baby Sweater Bank

  Today I found out that some good friends of mine are expecting their first child.  This is great news.  In fact, a number of people I know are sharing the same great news.  As of this writing

3 co-workers
2 good friends
2 cousins
And 1 member of my knitting group

  Are expecting children.  There may be more, lately women have taken to waiting a few months before making announcements. If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that someone is leaching clomid into the water supply.

  Under normal circumstances I, like any other inveterate knitter, would panic at the thought of all these growing bellies.  Not this time, I’ve built up a defense.  My friends, meet the baby sweater bank.  5 baby sweaters all knit up an ready to go.  Its easy for a new arrival to sneak up on you.  Sure, most little ones take 9 months to bake, but most people don't share the news until the first trimester is over, and next thing you know the baby is 6 years old and has no interest in the doll size sweater you expect him to fit into.  

  Right now the bank holds 5 sweaters; 2 for boys (sizes newborn and 1 year), 2 for girls (newborn and 3 months), and one unisex.  That should cover me for the triple baby shower coming in May.  I'll have until September to knit at least 3 more, but there is plenty of time for that.  Who knows?  Perhaps by that time there will be something in the works for me:)