Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knitting for Weight Loss?

  So I'm in my weight watchers meeting, knitting away, and a member pipes up with the following statement;

"I knit at night to keep from eating, it helps my weight loss".

  I was perplexed.  Now reader, I am for anything and anybody that advances the craft, but knitting for weight loss?  Turning out socks and mittens has never stopped me from stuffing my gullet.  Granted my hands are occupied, but it turns out that masticating while knitting is not all that hard to do.  Combine this with the fact that most knitting get-togethers include some combination of caffeine, baked goods and alcohol, the weight loss defense is hard to back up.

  Does it count as activity?  Sadly at 32 calories and hour (there is a handy calculator here) I cannot earn weight watchers points by knitting.  Spending these hours sitting flat on my backside doesn't help much either.   Stephanie Purl McPhee advocates knitting while exercising, but sweaty hands and merino do not mix well.  Moving around while distracted leads to crashing into things, injury, and more time spent flat on your backside.  Its a viscous circle.

  Unfortunately it does not look like knitting will be a key part of my weight loss journey.  I did recently here though that it lowers blood pressure, and is therefore heart healthy.

  Lets call it a draw.

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